Facts Around Why Men And Preventative Care

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Maintaining lifelong health requires attention to the changes and complications our bodies can experience. While women keep up with their medical care, attending regular visits and follow-ups, men aren’t as conscientious. Statistics show that as much as 24% fewer men attend regular check-ups than their female counterparts. They are also 22% more likely to fail in keeping up with their cholesterol tests. This avoidance is behind the 50% greater rate at which men experience heart attacks.

Facts Around Why Men And Preventative Care

One of the driving reasons behind the reduced number of men who are seeking health care is hubris. Many of them simply don’t believe that these trips to the doctor provide any meaningful benefit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Men of every age benefit from getting routine check-ups on an annual basis. Many conditions can appear that can lead to a lasting impact on their health.  

  • Men Are Less Comfortable With Medical Care – Studies show that men may simply be less comfortable with the idea of seeking care or getting tests. Blood draws and exams may elicit a “dread factor” response. This is a fear that they will receive bad news about their health. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop health complications from cropping up.
  • Men Tend To Ignore Heart Disease – More men die of heart disease yearly than any other health condition. Many men make the mistake of thinking it can only affect people over 40. Sadly, heart disease is becoming more common in younger patients every year.  

Some clear indicators of heart disease can let you know it’s time to be worried. Lack of exercise, smoking, high blood pressure, and a family history of heart disease are all indicators you need to check regularly. If you start experiencing difficulty breathing or chest pain, it’s time to visit your dental professional.

Weight management is the first step to greatly reducing your risks of heart disease. Weight-loss supplements and energy drinks aren’t the way to go. They can even create issues up to and including irregular heart rhythms. You’ll have far more success by ensuring you reduce your portion sizes and stick to a routine of exercise.

You Can Protect Your Health While Enjoying Your Favorites

One strong piece of resistance that many people have to lose weight is having to forego their favorite foods. However, this is one thing you can do to set yourself up for failure. Denial creates a sense of resentment associated with weight loss. As you continue to battle your cravings, you’ll likely fall into a state of rebellion against your attempted dietary change. This can lead to overindulging, backsliding, and generally feeling miserable about your failed attempt. Setting yourself up to succeed means making real-life changes that you can maintain long-term. Speak to your physician for further guidance on setting up an effective way of improving your lasting health. The sooner you begin, the better chances you have of living a long, healthy, and happy life.


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