The Benefits of Telemedicine For Patients With Chronic Illness

It wouldn’t be surprising if everyone wished they could phone in their doctor’s appointments once in a while. The sheer amount of time invested in setting up the appointment and arranging your schedule around it is a hassle. Combine that with the time spent traveling, waiting in the doctor’s office, and driving home, and a 10-minute appointment can take a couple of hours. For those suffering from chronic illnesses, there’s a whole other dimension to it. Telemedicine options may make it easier for everyone to get access to the care they need.

The Benefits of Telemedicine For Patients With Chronic Illness

As anyone with a chronic illness knows, there’s nothing ‘simple’ about planning your day. Even on the best of days, you have to get up a little earlier and plan a little more. Add in the unknown factor of whether your appointment day will be a bad one for your condition. A simple doctor’s visit becomes the worst kind of lottery. Telemedicine offers abundant benefits to patients living with chronic illnesses.

Two significant benefits are:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Easier schedule management

The advent of virtual health options brought on a staggering change for patients with chronic illnesses. The ability to eliminate the need to travel to their appointments reduced many barriers. Even a simple shower can seem like a challenge during periods of high fatigue. Removing the need to actually travel to the doctor’s office is a huge relief. The trip alone can leave many chronic illness sufferers too exhausted to communicate their concerns. Remembering what the physician said can be difficult as well.

Patients with a chronic illness often have a compromised immune system. It is unavoidable that a trip to the doctor’s office will expose them to many illnesses. After all, your doctor is where you go when you’re sick. While sterilization protocols in medical offices are high, they can’t avoid the exposure that sitting in the same room can bring.

This effect was made incredibly clear during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Protocols had to be made for even the traditionally healthy. Reduced numbers in the doctor’s office meant scheduling a physical appointment was even more challenging for all involved. Telemedicine is the perfect answer. It reduces the exposure of the patient and increases the availability of the physician.

Speak To Your Medical Care Provider About Telemedicine Options

Every day more practitioners are incorporating telehealth options into their practice. The benefits for everyone involved are too great to ignore. The growing presence of high-speed internet devices among patients makes it easier. Speak to your medical care provider to find out if their offices provide telehealth services. You may find an incredible new ability to access your health care. Visits to the office will be reduced or eliminated. Even your worst days won’t keep you from getting the care you need. Call now and start taking a whole new approach to your healthcare needs with telemedicine.


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