The Dangers of Continuing Pandemic Misinformation

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If you’ve been keeping up with media health coverage, you know that the pandemic is far from over. The death toll from COVID-19 continues to rise, currently more than 5.57 million worldwide. Infection rates are also accelerating with the rise of the Omicron virus. As of the time of the publication of this article, there are 343 million recorded cases of COVID worldwide. In spite of these staggering numbers, there remain individuals, including public figures, who refuse to acknowledge the severity of the situation.

The Ongoing Hegemony of Disinformation

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve found ourselves inundated with information about COVID-19 from a variety of sources. Disturbingly, it was quickly discovered that social media was spreading disinformation about it at a startling rate. Part of the studies done on this topic revealed that fully half of all active Twitter accounts involved with these disinformation campaigns are automated.

The purpose of this disinformation was clear. COVID-19 was being politicized to divide the parties and drive political agendas. These goals undermined one of the most important defenses we have against the pandemic, the availability of accurate information. The stress and worry of millions of Americans made it easy to influence their positions and complicate the distribution of this information. Nearly two years later, we’re clearly seeing the consequences of this politicization of the pandemic and the spread of disinformation.

What this had made incredibly clear is that disinformation is a threat to public health and safety, and it’s essential it is approached as such. The early spread of inaccurate medical information has served to limit the effectiveness of efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic. This effect is most notable in how wearing a mask continues to be a political statement in many areas.

What’s essential at this stage is to help patients learn how to filter out inaccurate information from valuable health data. Providing information that can be checked against reliable sources is the first step in turning the tide. It’s essential that patients also take the initiative to educate themselves by speaking to their physicians and following their advice. Only through ongoing action can the negative effects of misinformation be turned back.

Some excellent sources for accurate information about the ongoing pandemic are listed below:

  1. The Center For Disease Control
  2. World Health Organization

These organizations are given the responsibility of protecting the health of people everywhere. The information they provide serves to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the world.

Speak To Your Physician To Check Facts About COVID-19

The most important thing you can do for your family is to continue to practice contamination safety. This means wearing a mask while heading out, washing your hands frequently, and maintaining social distance in public environments. Also, it’s essential that you have any family members displaying symptoms checked for COVID-19. Only by continuing to remain vigilant and fact-checking the information we receive can the pandemic finally be brought under control. 


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