The Keto Diet: How It Helps (and Hurts)

Keto Diet

Ever since Robert Atkins developed his Atkins diet and unleashed it on the world, keto has been getting rave reviews. The Atkins diet was originally developed as a way of helping diabetics control their condition. Since then, keto has been identified as an effective way of losing weight. However, it is not without detractors, and there are real dangers involved with using it to control your weight. If you’re considering working on next year’s beach body through keto, this guide will help identify some pros and cons associated with it.

The Keto Diet: How It Helps (and Hurts)

Keto is focused on using a state called ketosis to cause the body to start pulling on its fat reserves. This happens when the carbohydrate reserves are depleted, leaving nothing but the fat reserves for the body to use. Carbs are an effective way of getting quick energy, and it’s quickly converted into fat when it goes unused. Eliminating carbs can be an effective way of losing weight and preventing unwanted weight gain.  

  • Pro: Weight Loss – Since our body primarily relies on carbohydrates for or day to day energy, eliminating them from our diet shifts its focus. This means it’s an effective way to start losing fat as the body shifts gears to eat it. However, the state of ketosis that the body goes into can be dangerous if too few carbs are consumed. A good point of this diet is that the high-fat levels of the foods on the keto diet subdue cravings.
  • Con: Low Carb Can Be Trouble- Active lifestyles rely heavily on energy that is quick and easy to use. Those on the keto diet who live an active lifestyle may discover that they have low energy reserves. They may tire more quickly and have lower overall endurance. This is why high-carb diets can be good for them.
  • Pro: Good for The Sedentary – If you’re like most people, you don’t need a lot of freely available energy during the day. Desk jobs and other sedentary activities can be sustained with the keto diet without any concern about feeling tired.
  • Con: Your Body Needs Sugars Too – Having too much sugar in your diet can clearly be a bad thing, but they’re essential to healthy body function. Glucose, or blood sugar, is the primary fuel that our brains run on. Without it, you may feel sluggish or have difficulty thinking clearly. 
  • Pro: Keto May Suppress Cancer – Some evidence suggests that those on low-carb diets may benefit from lower risks of developing cancer. While the evidence for this is still being gathered, initial results are promising.
  • Con: Your Heart Could Suffer – The foods that are suitable for the keto diet often have high levels of cholesterol and fat. This can be problematic for those with a history of heart conditions or who struggle with high cholesterol. Moderation is essential.

These pros and cons represent the essential points that should be considered when you begin thinking about the keto diet.  

Speak To Your Physician For Further Guidance

Controlling your weight is essential to enjoying a long life full of good health. However, our bodies are complex systems, and there’s more to being healthy than losing weight. Consult with a medical practitioner before trying any new diet.


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