Vasectomies: The Choice For Men and Women

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Vasectomies are a male-birth control method that has been available for many years. Recently it has been becoming more popular as a more significant number of men are choosing a child-free life. Others opt for vasectomy due to its reversible nature and to further balance the responsibility for birth control between the genders. Recent statistics show that nearly 5% of all married men opt to undergo a vasectomy, with the number of unmarried men rising.

Why Vasectomies Are A Better Choice For All Genders

The main benefit of vasectomies for everyone involved is the simplicity of the procedure for male-bodied patients. This procedure is simple, safe, and results in fewer complications than the tubal ligation procedure used in female-bodied patients. The results of a vasectomy are just as effective as correctly using other forms of birth control. Only 1 or 2 pregnancies occur after a vasectomy out of every 1,000 operations performed. Other benefits of receiving a vasectomy include the following:

  • Quick Procedure – This procedure only takes 20-30 minutes to complete and can take place in a doctor’s office. Tubal ligations take much longer and must be completed in an operating room under general anesthesia. Vasectomies only require a local anesthetic to control any related discomfort.
  • High Success Rate – Due to the simplicity of the procedure, there is little room for error. Two small openings are made in the scrotum to provide access to the vans deferens. The tubes through which sperm passes exit the body during intercourse. The ends will be sealed with heat and may be closed with plastic tubes, stitched, or tied. Scar tissue prevents the ends from healing.
  • Easily Reversed – These procedures are generally easy to reverse. While it provides a permanent birth-control solution, options remain open for those who have undergone the procedure. 
  • Significantly Cheaper – Tubal ligations are pretty expensive and are not always covered by medical insurance. However, vasectomies typically are partly due to their reduced cost. This means it’s far easier for male-bodied patients to receive these procedures.
  • Less Stigmatized – While access to tubal ligations remains a point of social contention, vasectomies are generally more accepted and easier to receive without being questioned. Until this imbalance is struck out and women regain full autonomy over their reproductive choices, vasectomies can represent an effective means for men to be an ally.

Perhaps most importantly, these procedures have significantly lower health risks than tubal ligations. Tubal ligations represent a major surgery for those undergoing them. The recovery time is extensive, and the possibility of complications is quite high when compared to a vasectomy.  

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The benefits for men and women from vasectomies are an important argument for those seeking a permanent birth control method to opt for this one. It has no impact on sexual function or pleasure, has short recovery times, and is, overall, a minor surgery. Recent developments in vasectomy surgeries have even led to scalpel-free options through the use of specialized surgical instruments. The already minimally-invasive nature of vasectomies has made this approach even easier.


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