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Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Providers

Jan 07, 2023

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Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Providers

With the introduction of increasingly powerful telecommunications technology, new options for receiving care are becoming increasingly available the patients and providers alike. However, given the newness of these technologies, it’s common for patients to not fully appreciate the benefits of using telemedicine in their care. Those who work with providers that offer telemedicine services benefit from greater convenience in scheduling, the reduced time needed for healthcare, and more accessibility to treatment.

Exploring The Overall Benefits of Receiving Care By Telehealth

Every day there are more providers introducing telehealth services into their daily practice. The pandemic created a significant push to make these services available. By taking advantage of telehealth services, providers were able to reduce the risk of spreading contagion through their offices and patients. Further, they could reach patients who could not get the care they needed due to transportation issues, scheduling, or quarantine. By using voice, digital video, and apps, healthcare has become safer and more accessible. Other benefits of using telemedicine services include the following:

  • Improved Health Outcomes – While in-person treatment will always remain a necessary part of healthcare, it’s no longer the only option available. Patients who take advantage of telehealth services are prone to greater engagement with their health. Research has revealed that cardiac health patients who take advantage of telemedicine services are admitted to the hospital 38% less frequently.
  • Increased Efficiency of Healthcare – Telemedicine makes it easier for patients to attend follow-ups when used as part of a traditional care approach. Using telehealth reduces the inconvenience of scheduling a trip to the doctor’s office to answer a few questions and be told you’re good. While follow-ups are essential in ensuring you’re recovering properly, they rarely require being physically in the office.
  • Higher Levels of Satisfaction – Both patients and providers struggle with keeping up with the treatment plan. Scheduling conflicts, expenses, and delays can make it challenging to provide the care needed and for the patient to attend to them. Further, providers are able to provide improved patient education opportunities and can quickly answer questions using telehealth services.

Making telehealth a part of your normal healthcare can be as simple as consulting with your physician. There are an expanding number of options available, often supported by special apps that can be loaded onto your smartphone or laptop. Communicating with your physician in this way ensures that you have the connection and communication you need while eliminating numerous complications.

Speak To Your Physician About Telehealth Options

If you’re ready to start making telehealth a normal part of how you receive healthcare, reach out to your provider. They’ll introduce you to the services and technologies available at their clinic and how they can be applied to your care. Providing feedback is important as well, as these providers are often looking to expand the scope of their telehealth and ensure that their patients are getting the care they need. The future of healthcare includes telemedicine services, and it’s helping to make receiving the care you need easier and more effective than ever. Call your provider and schedule a telehealth consultation today! You may find there are more options available to you than you expected!