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Beyond Impotence: Sexual Health Problems In Men

Feb 07, 2023

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Beyond Impotence: Sexual Health Problems In Men

It’s an uncomfortable truth that many men will experience some form of sexual performance issue during their lives. So uncomfortable is this truth that most of them will hesitate to mention it to their doctors and will have difficulty discussing it with their partners. The most commonly discussed issue is a condition known as erectile dysfunction, but there are others just as troubling for these men.

Common Sexual Health Problems In Men

Given the emphasis on getting an erection as a sign of masculinity and virility, it’s no surprise it gets most of the attention. However, men struggle with other troubling sexual health problems every day. Even more frustrating for these patients is the tendency for these conditions to appear along with ED or even be a precursor to its appearance. Premature ejaculation is just one example tied to the later development of erectile dysfunction.

Some facts about the most common sexual health problems experienced by men:

  • Erectile Dysfunction – If you struggle with achieving or maintaining an erection that makes sex possible, erectile dysfunction is the most likely cause. The physical manifestation of the condition is insufficient blood flow to the penis to create and maintain an erection. The underlying cause may be vascular disease, hypertension, thyroid imbalances, diabetes, or non-disease sources like depression, anxiety, and stress. Men over 50 are the most common sufferers of this condition, but it can occur at any age.
  • Premature Ejaculation – This condition can seriously impact a man’s confidence during sexual activity and can be acutely embarrassing or humiliating for them. It’s common in younger men who are sexually inexperienced and isn’t a health concern. However, it can be an early warning sign of erectile dysfunction in older men. It can also be an indicator of anxiety disorder.
  • Delayed Ejaculation – Men with this condition have difficulty reaching climax, even after extended sexual stimulation. It’s often caused by thyroid disease or nerve damage.
  • Peyronie’s Disease – This condition presents as a curvature in the penis that leads to painful erections. Another sign of this condition is a lump appearing on the penile shaft.
  • Low Testosterone – Our testosterone levels reach their peak at 18 and slowly decline as we get older. In most cases, testosterone levels remain high enough to prevent sexual problems throughout a lifetime. However, when testosterone levels get low enough, multiple health problems can occur, including reduced desire, general apathy, lack of motivation, and erectile dysfunction.

Linda Clark, NP, can help diagnose your underlying concern and provide a treatment plan to address conditions like these.

Don’t Let Sexual Health Problems Get You Down

Thankfully, a broad range of treatments available can produce meaningful improvements in these conditions. If you’re struggling with concerns like these, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Linda Clark, NP today. Just give a call at (949)-757-1150 and arrange a convenient time to begin your care and take control of your sexual health today!