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Biologics and How They Are Used To Treat Psoriasis

Feb 21, 2023

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Biologics and How They Are Used To Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition in which patches of silvery scales and thick, often crusty, red skin form. These symptoms can present anywhere on the body but are most common on the knees, scalp, elbows, face, soles of our feet, and the palms of our hands. While the actual cause of psoriasis isn’t well understood, current wisdom suggests that the source lies within our immune system. This condition is commonly treated using light therapy, topical ointments, or oral medication. However, biologics are a recent approach showing promise in treating psoriasis.

Discover How Biologics Are Improving Psoriasis Treatment

For years there has been an extensive and growing list of treatment options for psoriasis. While this is good news in one sense, it also indicates one of the underlying problems with treating the condition. Namely, no two cases of psoriasis are alike, and no two patients respond to the available treatments the same way. Despite trying pills, shots, creams, ointments, coal tar, and light therapy, some sufferers have yet to see effective results.

Biologics holds the promise of providing more effective treatment options for everyone. Biologics are a form of medicine manufactured from living cells that have been genetically altered to manufacture certain proteins. Rather than impacting your entire immune system like other treatment approaches, biologics only impact the parts of your system responsible for skin cell overgrowth. Biologics are administered either through an IV infusion or by injection. This approach is necessary to bypass the stomach acid that would destroy the proteins that make biologics function.

While they’re an exceptional approach to providing meaningful relief from psoriasis symptoms, they are also costly. Their higher cost may mean that your insurance provider may not provide coverage for their use until you have shown other options to be ineffective. 

Biologics are often used for patients who have:

  • Tried other treatment approaches without significant improvement, such as methotrexate or retinoids.
  • Negative reactions to the other treatment approach, regardless of their efficacy.
  • Medical conditions that make the use of other medications contraindicated.

One potential side-effect of biologics is an increased likelihood of getting infections. You will be checked for conditions such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV, and others before beginning treatment with biologics. Pregnant women should consult with their physician to determine if pursuing this course of treatment is safe. Currently, there is little data on biologics’ impact on a developing child. However, there have been recorded cancer cases after being treated with biologics.

Contact Linda Clark N.P. For Psoriasis Treatment Using Biologics

If you’ve been struggling with finding relief from psoriasis and other treatments have not produced satisfactory results, it’s time to see Linda Clark, N.P. We offer convenient times for office visits, or you can connect via telemedicine for many visits. You can start by picking up the phone and calling her office at (949) 757-1150. Don’t let psoriasis impact your life when relief may be available. Call today and see if biologic treatments are the solution you’ve been looking for!