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Why Boredom Can Be Good for Your Child

May 07, 2023

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Why Boredom Can Be Good for Your Child

“Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom?” This is a line from Terry Pratchett’s novel “The Hogfather,” and perhaps nothing rings so true about human nature. When we are very young, there seems to be very little about the world that does not fascinate us. However, as we age, we become more jaded, occasionally with some help in the form of adults who tend to have lost that sense of wonder. Modern technology, in particular, is exceptionally good at keeping us endlessly busy and free from the supposed bane that is boredom. However, another quote brings the importance of boredom into focus. “Children need to sit in their own boredom for the world to become quiet enough that they can hear themselves.”

Why Boredom Can Be Good For Ourselves and Our Children

With all the activities we have at hand, it can be extremely easy to keep ourselves from ever sitting with ourselves. Instead, we are deep in the world of the internet, in chat rooms and live streams, video games, and movies. However, this article is not admonishing the wonders that technology has provided us. Instead, it is lamenting the lack of time we spend getting to know ourselves. Children, in particular, need to develop the skills necessary for self-management and self-soothing in the absence of immediate stimulation. They also need the time to spend with their thoughts, feel their feelings, and explore their imaginations and the world around them.

Some reasons this experience is essential include the following:

  • We Need Time To Ourselves – Time when we are in the quiet cacophony of our minds, dreaming of the future, making plans, and learning what we love and what our talents are.
  • Daydreaming – Daydreaming is essential to our mental health. As our mind wanders, we ponder subconscious thoughts, consider the deeper meaning of things, and play with concepts. All of these are essential to an agile and inquisitive mind. Further, when combined with a wandering mind, light activity tends to produce imaginative ideas and clever solutions.
  • Mindfulness – Being mindful is essential at all stages of life. Mindfulness allows us to understand our motivations, to consider the feelings and ambitions of others more deeply, and to live in the moment. Constant stimulation takes us out of the moment and into whatever distracts us. It clouds our ability to be present and impacts our ability to be authentic.

Keep in mind that these principles don’t just apply to children. It’s vital that we learn to be in the quiet of the world and to spend time with ourselves. It creates the time necessary for us to care for ourselves, learn about ourselves, and help us understand the space we occupy in our lives and that of others.

Learn More About The Importance Of Boredom

Being able to be undistracted and unstimulated is vital to our mental health. The lack of stimulation can be anxiety-inducing or uncomfortable for those used to a constant stream of stimulation. Linda Clark can provide resources to help you and your children learn the importance of boredom in our lives.