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When a health condition persists for longer than three months, it becomes classified as a chronic illness. Chronic heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are all examples, and their care requires ongoing care from both the sufferer and their provider. As a result, those with a chronic illness often have their lives dominated by the processes necessary to manage their conditions, including frequent visits to care providers like Linda Clark, N.P. Through the use of telemedicine, patients suffering from chronic illness can improve their quality of life and reduce how much control their condition has over their day-to-day activities.

Reclaiming Your Freedom With Telemedicine For Chronic Illness

Having to schedule your life around ongoing visits to specialists and care providers is just one more struggle you face as a chronic illness patient. Through the use of telemedicine, Linda Clark NP makes it possible for patients like you to keep up with these appointments without being tied to a single location. This technology makes it possible for you to schedule your visit at a time and place that’s convenient for you, even in your own living room. This is only the beginning of the benefits this form of treatment offers to chronic illness patients. Others include:

  • Lifestyle Monitoring – Changing certain lifestyle habits is often necessary after discovering that you’re living with a chronic illness. Getting more exercise, changing diet, and eliminating harmful habits like smoking are all examples of the kinds of things that may need to be altered. Before telemedicine, patients were generally on their own in making these changes, but one option available with this new technology is remote monitoring. Equipment like Bluetooth scales and mobile devices can be used to aid the provider in working with the patient to make the necessary changes.
  • Real-Time Triage – Many chronic pain patients, will wait to report a new symptom to their provider to avoid the inconvenience of yet another clinic visit. When your visit can happen at a time and place that’s convenient for you, you can keep your provider informed of new symptoms immediately. This can prevent their worsening and aid Linda Clark in updating your care plan to address these changes.

These represent just two of the most significant benefits of receiving care through telemedicine when suffering from a chronic illness. The ability to be more connected with your provider and more active in your care without being chained to a schedule that involves repeated visits to a clinic makes this a game-changer for patients like you.

How To Get Started With Chronic Pain Telemedicine With Linda Clark NP

If you’re ready to start taking control of your care and life by taking advantage of telemedicine care for your chronic illness, call our offices today. We’ll help you prepare to use our telehealth platform and set you up to begin benefiting from the convenience of telemedicine services. Don’t let your chronic illness impact your freedom and quality of life when Linda Clark NP can help you gain greater freedom and great care.

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