Primary Care: Why It Matters For Your Health

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Does this situation ring a bell? It’s a typical tale, and most people have admitted to it – presuming they ever scheduled a wellness exam. Even with the best of plans, visiting a doctor for preventive care is inconvenient. People have an issue with that. But companies also have a problem with it. Many people receive health insurance through their jobs, and their medical expenses rise when they lack access to primary care.

Why Does Primary Care Matter For Your Health?

Most people associate primary care with routine, everyday medical treatment from an internal or family medicine physician or a healthcare professional like a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. It is the first place people go for most medical issues, from sprained ankles to the usual cold. Preventive care is a component of primary care that aims to keep patients healthy (or sicker). Back-to-school immunizations, blood tests to monitor insulin and cholesterol, and counseling on risk factors related to family and lifestyle are also included. How does basic care aid in maintaining health?

  • Prevention and Detection: Primary care is essential for the early diagnosis and prevention of many illnesses. People are more likely to avoid health issues or to detect them early, receive treatment faster, and require less care overall if they receive routine exams and screenings.
  • Trusting your physician: People are more apt to develop relationships with their primary care physician when they visit them frequently. Whether in error or right, most people are more receptive to what someone they know and trust has to say. Additionally, they are more likely to be forthright and honest about their living choices and health issues. That is strong. After all, a healthcare provider cannot advise a patient on how to stop smoking or send someone to counseling for anxiety if she is unaware of the patient’s concerns.
  • Keeping costs down: According to studies, primary care is prioritized in healthcare systems, and patients receive more significant value. They not only produce superior results, but they also cost a lot less money. Lowering costs is so that therapy can be more affordable for healthier people. Everyone benefits if a preventive mammogram detects breast cancer early or if routine blood testing enables someone to manage their diabetes.

There is a primary care access problem in the United States. Numerous opinions exist regarding the causes of it. There are also worries that internal and family medicine are being neglected in favor of specializations in fields like the heart. Many groups are resolving the primary care problem on their own. We deal with hundreds of clients who have determined that establishing direct access to care is the most effective way to maintain the health of their family members and dependents while reducing costs. We assist them in setting up on-site centers, close-by centers, and online health choices that make it simple and practical to see a doctor.

Choosing a PCP With Linda Clark – Primary Care

We provide the industry’s broadest range of services, including many primary care choices. In contrast to a fee-for-service payment approach, our providers are devoted to the member populations they serve. Because of this, they can spend more time with members during each session, which fosters trust. Call us at (949) 757-1150 immediately to start looking for a new Doctor!

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