Linda Clark, APRN-BC, MPH

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Linda Clark is wonderful, professional and knowledgeable. She provides you with the best service when possible! Whenever I had a question, she was ready to answer. Quick responses and follow-ups, and always gives the best advice. I would highly recommend this office.

I have been to many nurse practitioners that could not address my case. I understood my problem area was difficult to address but Linda Clark was able to recommend the proper treatment without being aggressive. I appreciated the staff understanding my concerns. Now, I’m able to return to my normal life!

So nice to have someone who is easy to speak with. She is knowledgeable and very compassionate. The online hookup wasn't working well, so Linda called me directly and texted me after to confirm my prescription was sent in. I would definitely use her again.

I appreciate Linda's help with a recent medical issue I had. She was very prompt, informative, and most importantly took the time to listen and understand my concern. It was very easy to get an appointment (an issue nowadays with health care) and I highly recommend her without reservations.

Katherine and all of the other staff members are always so kind and welcoming. In this office, they really care and you are not just a number. Linda always takes her time with me and I never feel rushed. I highly recommend Linda Clark.

Linda Clark is by far the best doctor I have ever been to. I have been going to her for at least 9 years. She really truly cares about her patients and she even calls me personally to discuss results or any questions I might have.

If you have children, and have ever had them get sick while traveling, you may appreciate why Linda deserves 6 stars! While my wife waited on hold for hours for our pediatrician, I was able to connect with Linda within minutes. She was exceptionally thorough in understanding the situation and provided very rapid and professional medical care. By the time our doctor called us back the next day, our daughter was already feeling better from the course of treatment Linda had prescribed. Never leave home without her number!

Linda was so helpful and kind! Not only was it so convenient to meet virtually with her but she was willing to listen and try to find the best method of treatment rather than brushing me off. I will continue to meet with Linda for any health needs in the future since she was so friendly and helpful!

Linda Clark is truly the BEST of the best! It’s very rare to come across and genuine angel of a person, but with Linda you get just that! She is the kindest, most thoughtful and thorough PCP I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life. Linda has a true gift of knowing how to address and approach any and every concern you have. She genuinely listens and cares, which are the qualities you need to look for in a healthcare professional. If you're anything like me, navigating through the healthcare system can be confusing, but with Linda she makes you feel at ease and explains out everything so eloquently. She feels like a second mom in her level of quality care and that’s the most comforting and reassuring feeling ever!

Linda Clark is the best! She is compassionate, caring, listens to her patients needs and concerns. I have been her patient for few years, this year when I went to make an appointment to see Linda I was devastated when I was told she not longer worked there in Tustin, CA. I searched Linda on Google & couldn’t find her. I didn’t give up and today on 6/16/21 I Googled her again and I found her, called her number & she answered, the moment I said my name she knew who I was. I’m so happy I found Linda!!! I trust her with my well being & highly recommend Linda Clark!!!

Linda is the best out there! She genuinely cares for her patients and LISTENS to them! if I could give more stars I would. she has cared for me and my family for many years

Linda is AMAZING. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her patients are well taken care of. She is so personable, caring, and professional. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. I refuse to see anyone else. She is simply the BEST!

Linda Clark is a healthcare professional that I can trust to recommend to all. When I moved back home from college I was faced with some difficult mental and physical health problems that I did not know how to navigate. I began by visiting the health office I went to as a child and was lucky to have Linda Clark. She recalled seeing me as a child and spent extra time to catch up and thoroughly understand all that has been going on with my health. She was diligent, patient, and I was sure she cared about me and my wellbeing. Since our first appointment I continue to see Linda regularly through video calls and she often even checks up on me through text. Linda prioritizes you as a patient and makes you feel comfortable in her care. Furthermore, I have appreciated how quick and easy it is to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, or send out lab work.

I am new to the Telemed world and I am very thankful I chose Linda Clark. Linda is very easy to talk to and very patient. In addition to her vast medical knowledge she was very thoughtful and followed up to see how I was doing on more than one occasion. She also made herself available to questions in between appointments. Linda's attentiveness and care is so rare to find in this fast paced world we live in today!

Linda took the time to listen to my concerns and help make a plan going forward with my health. I didn’t feel rushed and genuinely felt as though she cared about me. Being able to do an appointment online was so convenient for me since I have a newborn at home. I highly recommend Linda and am looking forward to continuing to use her services through this platform!

NP Linda Clark is absolutely amazing! Once again I felt welcomed, cared about, and heard!! I left my appointment with ease that I would soon feel better and I have. I have been with her for years and followed her when she switched over to telemedicine.

I didn’t expect too much when coming to my appointment. However, when I went through the doors, I was pleasantly surprised. The office was modern and clean, even to my standards. I’m glad I chose this practice.

The staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. James is a great doctor.

I can't thank Linda Clark enough. Thanks to her I have been able to regain my mental health little by little. My primary doctor refused to help me, but Linda did not hesitate in doing so. She is an extraordinary professional, she listens, she checks up on you and she's very informative. I am so appreciative and would recommend her 100%

Linda is the best PCP I have ever had! She is very approachable, friendly & caring. She always has a smile on her face and spends time w/you. She constantly listens to all of my complaints (I have a lot!) and never brushes anything I say aside.

I really love her. Linda always cares about you and helps you with any health problem you may experience. I have recommended her to all my friends and family!

Linda Clark is an excellent diagnostician & very thorough. If it can be treated by something over the counter, or less aggressively, she is very straightforward with telling me that. I can literally not say enough nice things about her and her work!!

I highly recommend Linda Clark! She is professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, she listens. You don't feel like a "number" or just "a patient". She takes the time necessary to understand your concern and works with you to put an actionable plan together.

I recently had a video visit with Linda. She was awesome; very caring, knowledgeable, thoroughly reviewed my medical history and most importantly took the time to listen to me without making me feel rushed. I would recommend Linda Clark 100% with no reservations. I would also like to add getting an appointment was very easy and straight forward, something that is not always the case in health care today.

Linda Clark is the absolute BEST. She has her clients best interest at heart and always willing to make herself available. Cannot recommend her enough!!

Very competent and professional.

Absolutely great person would highly recommend to family and friends!!

She is the best! Very professional, caring and dependable. She has moved mountains to make sure I get the best care possible. Never meet a provider that will take their time to address all your concerns. I highly, highly recommend her. Thank you Linda for that you have done for myself and my family.

Linda has always been such a great listener and always is so helpful. She makes sure that all of your health concerns are talked about and figured out. She has helped me out a lot mentally and physically. She’s the best!

NP Linda Clark is AMAZING!! She has been my doctor for years and I even followed her when she went independent! She really cares about her patients! Linda makes you feel welcomed, she really listens to you, and she will go the extra mile!!! She is truly the BEST!!!

Linda makes going to the doctors so convenient! Tele health is a he best. She takes the time to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.

I have nothing but praises to sing about my experience with Linda Clark. Linda is a true professional who is caring, and compassionate when it comes to my medical needs and always quick to respond. Just last weekend my younger sister needed medical attention for a UTI on a Saturday. Linda responded back within minutes and called in a prescription for her. I would highly recommend Linda Clark and her services. She is my family’s go to for our health, wellness and medical needs!

Linda is a true gem of a find. I found her via her step-daughters Instagram and I am so happy I did. I recently moved for work and was looking for a new provider so the timing was perfect. Linda is knowledgeable and attentive, and really makes you feel heard. Also, her price schedule is fantastic.

Linda Clark was a perfect answer for me! I was able to meet with her virtually through the app, it was easy and it worked out well. She was caring and you exactly how to treat me. I cannot express how easy it was and how satisfying it was to have the peace of mind to meet with such a wonderful person who was able to help me in such a great way. Highly recommend!

Linda is the best at what she does! She is so caring and knowledgeable, and is always happy to help with anything I need in between visits. She goes above and beyond expectations! I’m grateful to have found someone who makes doctor appointments a positive and comfortable experience. 5 stars is not enough to express my appreciation and recommendation!

Linda Clark was very attentive to my needs she listens to me during each appointment and never makes me feel rushed. I haven’t been comfortable in seeing a doctor or medical professional in years but Linda has changed my view and because of her availability to me I am now more comfortable and inclined to seek out other specialists for other issues. If you are looking for a provider who is sensitive towards your needs and one that listens to you and treats you like you are her only patient then I would definitely give her a try and set an appointment. I could go on about what a PHENOMENAL provider she is I really wish every provider was as great as Linda Clark N.P. Is